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Where Does it Rain? On the plain, on the plain!


Recently, my father and I went to see the musical, ‘My Fair Lady’ and it was brilliant!! We went to a matinee on a Sunday, after hosting a family reunion the night before, and so to say we were feeling a little bit tired, is a huge understatement. I was worried I wouldn’t stay awake! […]

Here I am again!!!


So in a previous blog (The Four Phases), I outlined the four phases of any project that I undertake. I have just re-read that blog and see that, at the time of writing that blog, and for that project, I was in between Phase Two and Three, with the light in the tunnel, burningly close. […]

Honk all you like


Honk all you like, if there is no room, there is no room!!! Just the other day, I foolishly volunteered to pick my husband up from the Brisbane Airport.  I say foolishly, as my friends will testify, I have absolutely no sense of direction and find driving anywhere off my beaten path, rather stressful, especially at […]

And the winner is … confidence!


Isn’t it amazing how much easier it is to cope with life, when you’re happy and feeling good? Problems that come your way are not huge obstacles, just a mere blimp on your radius of happiness, to deal with and let go. When you’re feeling good, you’re feeling confident – you can cope with just […]