In the Kindy Kids Collection, there are 64 readers! They are grouped in fours. The first title of the four is a ‘Read to Me’ story, full of rhyme, or repetition (or both!), written to be read by an adult, encouraging children to join in. The following three titles are ‘Read with Me’ stories, that children can read by themselves, as they are repetitive and pictorially supported! For more information about the ways in which the Kindy Kids Collection will enrich the literacy of your Kindy Kids’ lives, please click here!

Meet the Rainbow Pigs

The Rainbow Pigs Bake a Cake

A Pig and a Kite

Freddy Frog and Toad

Jumpity Jump

The Next Bus

Hoppity Hop

Henry Hippo at the Zoo

Henry's Run

Lolly is Bored

Shut the Gate