Our Story


BORN2READ was founded in 2006 by me, Katrina Casey (MEd, BEd, Dip T), pictured above with my daughter!  BORN2READ is the result of my professional experiences, parenthood, and my dedication to unlock the world of reading for every child. I cannot personally teach every single child to read at my Learning Studio, so I have developed a collection of readers, based on the 300 most high frequency words, that you can implement with your child, with amazing results!  This collection of readers is sequential.  They are also engaging for both young children and you – we know, as they have been road-tested extensively in our learning studio!

At BORN2READ, we strongly believe that for children to become successful readers, they must be given the opportunity to read!  The ability to decode words through the understanding of phonics, and the ability to recognise high frequency words, are important.   However unless children are given the chance to put these abilities into practice, through reading, children are not engaging in the reading process . That is why at BORN2READ, we have developed over 560 online readers, for your child to read with you!

Become a BORN2READ member today, and together, we can ‘Get Your Child Reading’!

I can’t wait to share your child’s reading journey with you!

Best wishes,