BORN2READ is proud to present our very own Collections of Readers. These collections are built around the 300 high frequency words, that we like to call Rocket Sight Words! With the mastery of these Rocket Sight Words, and through the reading of the BORN2READ readers, children will zoom through reading!

The BORN2READ Reading Program is the result of extensive research, practical experience in our BORN2READ Learning Studios over the past ten years, and the work of many Early Year Teachers who have trialled the program with students in their classrooms. The author, Katrina Casey, is a highly qualified (M.Ed, B.Ed, Dip T) and registered teacher, with over twenty-nine years experience.

Children learn to read, through reading, but they need someone by their side to make this a successful and enjoyable experience. With easy access to the BORN2READ Readers (ebooks) and a commitment of just ten minutes a day, your child will be on their way to reading!

Book a reading appointment with your child, five days a week, and watch them read!


How Does BORN2READ Work?

Children learn to read through practice, but they need to have engaging readers to enjoy.

Children need to have someone sit with them, listening to them, as they attempt to read.  As your child comes to a word they cannot read, use one of the two strategies:

  1. give them the beginning sound of the word, or/ then
  2. tell them the word and keep reading.

If you tell you child the word, at the end of  the reading session, revisit the word and model how to sound it out, or add it to a sight word list.   The more practice your child does, the more they will see these words and become familiar with them.   Some children pick up reading really quickly, others need more time.    Be patient and continue a commitment to reading five times a week.

It is important to develop a love of reading and to make the sessions flow smoothly.  Stopping continually to sound out words can lead to frustration and loss of meaning.  Telling your child the word and continuing reading, has great results, as your child can concentrate on the storyline, and learn to decode the unknown words at the end of the session.

BORN2READ readers are sequential, allowing readers to revisit words from previous readers.  They also increase in length, as more and more words are added to the stories.

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Can’t make it to our learning studio, but want to teach your child to read? Become a BORN2READ Member! Membership enables you to access our BORN2READ Readers, which currently includes over 550 readers (with more to be added!), and 304 flashcards to download and print. This program is especially designed for children, aged three years and upwards.

BORN2READ Reading Program is a great program to reinforce the teaching of phonics. As young children begin their reading journey, or for those continuing on their journey, they experience success in reading through the mastery of sight words, combined with understanding of phonics. Sight Words and Phonics are compatible. From the mastery of sight words, a greater understanding of the rules of phonics can be achieved through the connection of phonemes to graphemes. BORN2READ Readers give children the opportunity to practise their word decoding skills, through reading.

The Kindy Kids Collection


This collections features four sets of characters (pictured below), unique to BORN2READ. In each set, there are four READ TO ME Readers, readers that are designed to be read by parents, carers or grandparents. The READ TO ME readers are built on rhyme, encouraging children to join in with your reading. Each READ TO ME reader, has three READ WITH ME readers. The READ WITH ME readers are short, four-page readers, featuring one sentence on each page. Children will quickly learn to read these readers independently!


The Prep Collection is based on 104 high frequency words, and readers are presented in eight levels. The levels are sequential, with readers becoming longer with the addition of new sight words. Previously mastered sight words are revised in the later readers. Because the program is sequential, it is important to follow the order of books as they appear on the website. Early books in each set may only introduce two or three words from the Rocket List, with later books covering the five or eight from the List.

In Levels One to Three, there are eight books in each of the four sets. Each set is written around a list of Rocket Sight Words. In Levels Four to Eight, there are two sets of books, and the number of sight words in the lists increases from five to eight. The books are also longer in length. To help reinforce the new sight words, and to revise previous words, there are sixteen books for each new list, broken up into two sets. For example, Level Six, Set One and Set Two, both focus on the words from Rocket Sight Word List 17.


The Prep Collection is built around the following BORN2READ Characters:

  • The Rainbow Pigs
  • Freddy Frog and Toad
  • Stanley the Super Rooster
  • Henry Hippo and Zara Zebra
  • The Neighbourhood Kids
  • Baby Bear and Friends
  • Tom and Patrick
  • Peter and Paula
  • The Park Dogs
  • Polly Pig and Matilda
  • King Edward the elf

The Year One Collection - BORN2READ

The Year One Collection is based on the next set of 100 high frequency words, and readers are presented in eight levels (Levels Nine to Sixteen), the levels are sequential, with readers becoming longer with the addition of new sight words. In this stage, children are introduced to six new sets of characters, unique to BORN2READ.
• The Patch Dogs
• Benny and Emily
• Sam and Ash
• Jack and Jessie
• Stanley, the Super Rooster
• George and Molly
• Max and Melvin
• Tina and Todd
• Clancy


Children also catch up with characters that they have met in the Kindy Kids and the Prep Colleciton:

  • The Rainbow Pigs
  • Lenny and Lolly, and
  • Freddy Frog and Toad.

The Year Two Collection - BORN2READ

The Year Two Collection is based on the last set of 100 high frequency words, and readers are presented in eight levels (Levels Seventeen to Twenty-four). Again, the levels are sequential, with readers becoming longer with the addition of new sight words. In this stage, children are introduced to another four set of characters, unique to BORN2READ:
• The Farm Dogs
• Maggie and Charlie
• Collin and Friends
• Fredrick
• Patrick and Penny
• Ollie and Oliver
• Lionel and Friends, and
• Zara and Henry

If you have any questions about this program, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0438 290296 or

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