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BORN2READ is a reading experience, designed ‘to get young children reading!’  You can access the BORN2READ readers (over 560!) online, or through purchasing printed copies.

BORN2READ also offers tutoring for young children from three years of age up to Year Three in Literacy.

If you like to see the titles available in our range of readers, click on the icons below. When you sign up as a member, you will be able to open each of these readers, through the BORN2READ MEMBERS tab (the furthest tab to the right).

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The BORN2READ Collection is a collection of digital and levelled readers (Level One through to Level Twenty-four), designed to teach children to read! These collections are built around the 300 high frequency words, with the inclusion of rich vocabulary that extends young children’s knowledge about words.

The BORN2READ Reading Program is the result of extensive research, practical experience in our BORN2READ Learning Studios over the past ten years, and the work of many Early Year Teachers who have trialled the program with students in their classrooms. The author, Katrina Casey, is a highly qualified (M.Ed, B.Ed, Dip T) and registered teacher, with over twenty-nine years experience.

Children learn to read, through reading, but they need someone by their side to make this a successful and enjoyable experience. With easy access to the BORN2READ Readers (ebooks) and a commitment of just ten minutes a day, your child will be on their way to reading!

Book a reading appointment with your child, five days a week, and watch them read!

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